5 Myths About Caring For Babies Debunked


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For newer parents, trying to figure out the best way to care for your baby can be tough. It’s not only challenging because of the usual growing pains of early parenthood (lack of sleep, breastfeeding, constant needs of a newborn, making tough decisions as maternity leave ends), but also because there is so much advice being pushed your way. Truthfully speaking, it’s often unsolicited advice from family and friends about the the right and wrong way to do things.

A lot of what our parents did when they were raising us is a far cry from the recommendations offered by pediatricians, which can leave you confused. If your mom put your on your belly to sleep for most of your infancy and you turned out ok, it should be fine for your baby right? Not necessarily.

It’s Baby Safety Month. To help debunk some myths many if not all of us have probably heard, we went to an expert to ask the questions you might not have the time to sit and grill your pediatrician about. Mona Amin, D.O., FAAP, is a board-certified pediatrician, parenting expert and podcaster, and a safety month expert for popular brand, Bugaboo. She has experience in early childhood development and mindfulness parenting, and she also has some answers to the questions you might have about the following myths regarding how to go about caring for a baby.


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