7 Fashion Trends That Will Be Everywhere Come Spring 2023


Like clockwork, it’s come time to mark your calendars for yet another fashion month, the bi-annual, days-long gathering of shows across New York, London, Milan, and Paris, where the biggest trends of the next season ultimately find their start. The coming shows, of course, beg the question of which fashion trends will be set to dominate next spring, and some of the trends on the rise may already be a strong indication. The last few seasons have seen fashion embrace the ultra blinginess and logomania of the early 2000s, along with the near-dystopian, Balenciaga-core that a number of brands quickly caught on to. Next, it looks like designers are meeting somewhere in the middle. 

While it’s true that the trend cycle shows no signs of slowing, most trends actually evolve into updated versions of themselves season after season rather than hitting a complete pendulum swing at once. So ultimately, you can imagine Spring 2023 fashion may look like a progressed version of trends you’re seeing today. For instance, while fashion’s obsession with Y2K dressing has, up until recently, harked back to the mcbling era and adjacent styles (think the answer to “What would Destiny’s Child wear on the red carpet, circa 2002?”), recent developments in the trend indicate a grunge-inspired shift on the way. That’s not to say we won’t see any polar opposite trends emerge, however, as all signs (such as the return of the Canadian tuxedo) point toward a new celebration of elevated basics after a heightened period of maximalism. 

A few Spring 2023 collections, such as Mowolola’s Paris Fashion Week debut, have already hit the runway, but the rest, and ultimately the bulk of trend evidence, is yet to come. Until then, we’ve left some thoughts on Spring 2023 fashion trends you may be able to expect ahead. 


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