8 Pretty Color Combinations You Should Try This Fall


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This time of year, is a great opportunity to try out new color combinations. Now that the leaves are changing colors, you have a chance to see them in a whole new light. Have fun experimenting with your favorite shades to create a beautiful fall look!

Fall is a wonderful season because every shade of green has its perfect place during autumn. From red to yellow, from orange to pink, fall colors go well together no matter what kind of outfit you pick. And let’s be honest, who wouldn’t want to wear something pretty like this?

Here are some ideas to get inspired and explore fall hues. Which ones would you add to your wardrobe?

Color combinations are basically what make our clothes look good and unique. If we pair colors together that complement each other, then they make us stand out among others. Here are some color combinations you should try this fall:

1. Green-Taupe

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The green-taupe color combination has been trending among fashion designers lately. In order to match this trend, use green tones such as olive, avocado, sage, or any dark teal shade. A darker taupe tone is best suited for daytime wear while lighter shades look best for evening wear. Matching accessories in different colors help create a balanced ensemble.

A great way to add some interest to your outfit is by wearing a bold necklace. Try out a statement piece that will make you stand out from the crowd. If you are looking for something more subtle, try wearing a choker with a simple top and skirt.

Don’t be afraid to experiment when it comes to makeup. You can always take a chance on trying new things.

2. Gray-Black

Gray paired with black looks elegant but still warm and bright. Opt for gray tones such as tan, charcoal, beige, brown, or grey. Darker shades work well for daytime wear while lighter grays go especially well with black attire. Adding a touch of red or yellow makes the outfit pop.

Black is always a safe bet when it comes to dressing up your wardrobe. It’s classic, versatile, and goes with everything. Pairing black with other colors can make an outfit look more interesting. Try pairing black with white, blue, green, orange, pink, purple, or even gold. Black also works great with neutrals like cream, ivory, taupe.

3. Pink-Blue

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Pink and blue make a classic and timeless combination. Use pinks such as salmon, coral, blush, or peaches as well as blues such as navy, sky, aqua, or teal. These colors can be worn anytime and for any occasion.

Blue and pink are also great color combos for the weekend! This is the perfect shade of pink to wear on your big day. The softness of this shade will complement your skin tone beautifully. Pink shades like peach, coral, and rose are also lovely choices.

If you want to go with a more traditional look, try using these two colors in a monochromatic palette. For example, you could pair all of your clothes in one shade of pink or blue. Or if you prefer a softer look, choose pastel shades instead.

4. Black-Brown

This color combination can be versatile depending on where you pair them. If you opt for solid blacks and browns then it works best for business casual outfits. Lighter shades of brown such as caramel or chocolate tend to suit dressier occasions. Try pairing darker shades together for a bolder effect.

The most important thing is that the colors complement each other well. The black and brown combo is classic, but if you want something more modern try going with dark high heel shoes and a light brown dress.

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5. Yellow-White

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Yellow and white bring out each other’s natural beauty. Wear either pastels or richer yellows in whites and vice versa. An example set would be pale yellow in a cream sweater or shirt and a rich gold skirt. Or, put a little orange in the mix for some unexpected fun.

The best way to wear this color combination is with a neutral palette. A light-yellow top and white pants are perfect for an office look. For a more casual day, try a pair of jeans and a white tee. If you want to go all-out, add a dark yellow blazer and a cute little bag.

6. Orange-Purple

Orange and purple have long coexisted peacefully. Purple tones such as violet, plum, magenta, or maroon add depth and richness. Bright oranges such as mandarin, lemon, or golden add warmth and brightness. This combo is perfect for fall.

The color palette of the season is a mix of warm and cool colors. Warm colors are reds, yellows, browns, and oranges. Cool colors are blues, greens, purples, and violets. A good rule of thumb is to use warm colors in the morning and cool ones at night.

7. Red-Yellow

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Red and yellow work equally well together since both are opposite ends of the spectrum. Wear reds in brighter shades or mixtures of colors such as maroon, burgundy, ruby, or garnet. Choose yellow in stronger colors like mustard, apricot, chartreuse, or gold to give your outfit a punch.

A simple necklace can make an otherwise plain top pop. Try adding earrings or bracelets that complement your look. If you’re wearing a skirt, add a belt for extra support.

8. Red-Black

Red and black go together extremely well. Dark red combines beautifully with deep blacks. Not only does this combo make you appear mysterious, but it helps you stand out. It looks great if paired with burgundy or purple. A dark red dress that goes with this color combination would work well in any venue.

Fall is right around the corner! That means we’ll soon have beautiful weather and colorful foliage to admire. It’s also time to start thinking about what you’ll wear when the temperatures drop. We’ve shared our favorite color combos for the upcoming season. Hopefully, these tips help you create your own unique style statement.


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