Black Lactation Specialists Debunk 7 Breastfeeding Myths


I quickly learned that every mom’s breastfeeding experience is different and that means it may hurt for some moms while it may not hurt at all for others. My son wasn’t latching on properly, and even when the nurse said he was, it was still unbearably painful for me. So much so that I started mix feeding (supplementing with formula) within the first month because I couldn’t bear multiple breastfeeds a day. Nichelle Clark, a lactation consultant, breastfeeding specialist, and community lactivist in Chesapeake, Va. says breastfeeding isn’t always painless. 
“Breastfeeding is always touted as being natural and therefore, easy,” she tells ESSENCE. “It takes a lot of work. While breastfeeding should not be painful (if you experience pain, you should contact a lactation professional immediately), parents often experience discomfort from things like shallow latch, oral restrictions (tongue, lip, and cheek ties), positioning issues, improper pump flange fit, and much more.”


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