Fall Womens Shoe Trends 2022: Loafers, Boots, Sneakers


Closed-toe season is upon us — which means that we’re soon due to tap into some of the top trends for fall. While our upper bodies will likely get swathed in layerable knits, denim, and leather, how shall we dress our feet below? Rest assured, we have a few ideas. Now, some of these shoe “trends” are admittedly evergreen: Everyday sneakers and booties, for example, are proven classics. Then there are the likes of squishy clogs or Mary-Jane flats, which are residual summer shoes that ease the transition into fall when worn with a sock and a trouser. We’ve also got occasion-specific footwear, like the disco-esque platform heel, which takes the beloved strappy shoe and elongates its soles to sky-high levels.


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