Fisk University Sees Largest Increase In Freshmen Enrollment In More Than 40 Years


For the last two years, college enrollment numbers have been down. Fisk University can’t relate though.

The HBCU recently released information stating that their incoming freshman class has significantly increased.

“In 2017, the total student body was 630 students and this fall, Fisk exceeded 1,050 students with an incoming class of just under 400 students,” a news release stated. “These students arrive from 33 states and five countries to join the Fisk family and to become part of the next generation of executive leaders across every sector of society.”

Fisk also stated that many of the students are first-generation college attendees.

Jeremiah Armstead, an incoming freshman was homeless before getting accepted into Fisk. “The support bracket I have now in Nashville is outstanding and for a young college student with a story such as myself, I wouldn’t get through most obstacles without outstanding support,” said Armstead.

The University also proudly stated they’ve helped offset financial burdens for low-income students from underrepresented communities as well.

Per a news release, more than 58% of the incoming students are Pell grant eligible, which makes any private school a daunting financial proposition.

One student shared that out of other schools, the HBCU was the best fit for her future.

“I had many options, but Fisk had it all. The academics are very strong, the partnership with Meharry is intriguing, and most of all Gymnastics! I wanted to go to an HBCU that had super strong academics. Fisk also really cares a lot about leadership, organizations, and internships. All those things excite me because they will help me succeed after college.”


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