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Have you ever felt completely burnt out? You know, the kind of burnout that no matter how many tasks you check off your daily to-do list, you still have an overwhelming sense of tiredness and unfulfillment. Trust us, we completely understand and working mothers across the globe can attest to these exact sentiments. Our never-ending to-do lists psychologically allows us to feel our work and efforts aren’t progression in our daily lives and it’s time we give ourselves grace but most importantly seek simplicity. 

The real reason many of us feel these burnout sensations to begin with, is simply from the unrealistic overload we expect from ourselves. Cooking, cleaning, running businesses and more will surely bring burnout to anyone and it’s time we choose simplicity over stress for own sanity. 

In partnership with Essence x Simply we spoke with Mattie James, Lifestyle Influencer, Mother & Entrepreneur who understands burnout all too well as a working mother, but made the choice to live a life of ease by changing her everyday tasks to simplify her life. 

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“As Black Women, working wives, mothers and simply as humans we have so much to do, so we really need to get serious about simplifying our day.” James shared.

James goes on to share how these minor shifts in her day completely transformed her life and she’s now a better wife and mother because of it. 


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