Say Goodbye to Entrepreneur Burnout


Entrepreneurs, let’s be honest, have you ever skipped lunch due to a jam packed schedule? You know those days where before you know it, the sun is setting and you haven’t gotten up from your desk not once?

It’s okay, this is a safe space, but it’s time we change that narrative for working entrepreneurs across the globe. It’s time we choose to live simpler, well-rounded lives and less chaotic ones.

In partnership with Essence x Simplywe spoke with the Founder & CEO of Curlbox, Myleik Teele on how she had to make changes into her own life to live simply. She shares how calendar blocking, the productive use of technology and partnership allowed her to reclaim her time in life and in business.

“So now I’m going to free up my time, operate in my zone of genius, do the stuff I love and let my life be so much easier. It is okay to live a simpler life and have a simple business” Teele shared.

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