Sherri Shepherd Wanted To Alter This About Her Body But Changed Her Mind


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While you might not admit it, many of us have something about our bodies that we wouldn’t mind changing if we could. For talk show host, comedienne and actress Sherri Shepherd, for a while there, that thing was her backside.

“I’ve never liked my booty,” she told Yahoo! Life for their series Unexpectedly. “I always wanted a big bubble butt and I wanted big hips.”

So she considered it, but quickly came to the conclusion that it just wasn’t the best fit for her petite body.

“Well, after doing the research, I realized my frame is not gonna handle a bubble butt, or big hips,” she said. “I don’t wanna look like an ant driving everything around.”

And while she’s put her foot down on that decision, there is one other part of her body that she hasn’t made a final choice about altering. She told the site that she’s “very serious” about the idea of having a breast reduction to be more comfortable, joking that she gets support from women but men give her plenty of pushback on the idea.

“It only irritates women — my boobs being so big when women feel like it’s out of proportion,” she said. “Men have no problem with it. Any man that I say to I’m gonna have a reduction in my breast, they’re like, ‘Oh, damn, what? No!’”

All that being said though, Shepherd made clear that she does love her body, and she has loved it at every stage, including before her recent weight loss.

“I always like my body. I like my body when it had rolls on it. I like my body when my stomach is tight,” she said. “You know when you’re not at your best weight, when you’re not at your best health. So I’ve never not loved my body, but I knew when I wasn’t operating at optimal efficiency.”

Shepherd added, “I got lingerie in a size XX, XL, and I felt sexy. I have lingerie in a size medium, and I feel sexy. Sexy is not the way your body looks, sexy is how you feel inside.”


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