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Let’s face it, the older we get the more complex life becomes. From motherhood, working professionals or just the everyday hustle and bustle, we get busier and busier as the days go by. Mother, Entrepreneur & Content Creator, Rosalynn Daniels knows it all too well herself, and has made it her mission to make her busy life as simple as possible.

“As a Black Woman, a wife, a mother, an entrepreneur and honestly as a human being, we all have so many things on our plate. That’s why I like to use simple recipes like this one skillet chicken and rice dish, that has minimal clean up, minimal ingredients and it takes no time to make.” Daniels shared.

As many working moms can attest too, simplicity is key to a stress free life and Simply aims to bring ease back into every aspect of our everyday lives. With just a few minor daily adjustments whether a 10-minute recipe or shift in your work schedule, you can give you and your family more time to simply unwind and relax, making life a little less complex. 


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