These Are The Most Faithful Cities In The U.S. To Live


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In the quest to find a monogamous partner (for those who practice it), we are often looking for hints and clues about how to choose a faithful man or woman. A recent study is hoping to help you in this department by at least telling you where you might have a better chance to find them. did some research to uncover the most faithful cities in the U.S. 

The study examined 200 of the largest towns in the U.S. and what was found is that California is actually full of faithful cities.

Factors they looked at include relationship satisfaction, life satisfaction, cheating intent, and affair activities. Other factors they explored were marriage, divorce, and separation rates, as well as how many cafes and bars were in each city and how frequently individuals were searching for affair hookup websites on Google.

“While most would assume that bigger cities probably produce more cheaters per capita, this data shows us what we were already aware of: cheaters are everywhere,” Amy Pritchett, Editor-in-Chief at, says. “Infidelity can happen anywhere – in large cities and small ones.”

But not as much based on the top 10 spots. Based on the aforementioned data, the city that was found to be most faithful is Pasadena, Calif. The marriage rate is approximately 56 percent, while the divorce rate is nine percent, and the separation rate is one percent. The results of the happiness index, which was out of 100, was at 63. 

Pasadena ranks number one. Coming in at number two, three, and four were Torrance, Roseville and Visalia, all in California. Check out the other cities that made the cut, including one more Cali locale.  

5. Laredo, Texas 

6. Montgomery, Alabama

7. Orange, California

8. West Valley City, Utah

9. McAllen City, Texas 

10. Syracuse, New York 


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