Why Choker Necklaces Are Perfect For Your Wedding Day

Did you know that chokers have existed for hundreds of years? These accessories have existed since the French Revolution and have evolved ever since. However, one thing that has remained unchanged about them is how they’re worn. Since the trend surfaced, chokers have been a close-fitting accessory worn around the neck.

Since their invention, several notable figures have donned choker necklaces, including Queen Victoria and Princess Alexandra. It’s also worth noting that the choker necklace was associated with wealth in the nineteenth century. Today, the fashion piece is popular among teens and adults alike. It’s also available in multiple designs, including lace, gold, brass, silver, and velvet.

The good thing about chokers is that you can pair them with anything. It doesn’t matter if you wear a sundress, a pair of leggings and sneakers, or a wedding gown. A choker will always bump up your look. Most importantly, this accessory can be worn for any event, provided it’s not official business.

This post explains why choker necklaces are perfect for your wedding. Also, if you’re looking to update your accessory set by By Charlotte and the like, visit online sites for a range of chokers crafted from 18k gold to 14k gold and even chokers made of sterling silver.

Why You Should Wear A Choker Necklace To Your Wedding

There have been several misconceptions about why girls and women wear chokers. The most popular misinterpretation focuses on their sexual views. Specifically, some people believe that girls and women wear chokers as an expression of their sexual submissiveness. But, of course, all this is speculative.

There’s more to chokers than meets the eye and more reasons why you should wear this accessory to your wedding. Carry on reading to learn more.

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Choker Necklaces Are Attention Grabbing

Chokers are an excellent way to catch anyone’s attention. Why? Well, this accessory is designed to be worn on the neck. Unlike hand and feet accessories, the neck is quite visible to the human eye. So, it’d be difficult for anyone not to notice a choker necklace unless you’re wearing a turtle neck.

Considering it’s your wedding day, you’re the main star of the event. All eyes should be on you. With a choker necklace and other wedding jewelry, you’re guaranteed to catch everyone’s attention.

A Choker Necklace Is An Expression Of Femininity

This accessory has primarily been a female fashion item. Many women, especially during the Victorian era, wore chokers for various events.

Today, the accessory has continued to be associated with women despite a few men jumping on the trend. What better place to express your femininity than at your wedding?

Choker Necklaces Are Stylish

Choker necklaces are the closest to perfection anyone can get. Whether or not one is a bridezilla, every bride wants her big day to be perfect. With weddings being once-in-a-lifetime affairs, it’s understandable to want to attain perfection.

Accessorizing with the trendiest pieces will make you feel like you’ve unlocked perfection. The good news is choker necklaces are a timeless fashion piece, which means they’re always trendy. Wearing the accessory will make you feel like you’re on top of the world.

More importantly, these fashion items complement everything so well. You can only imagine how you’ll look and feel once you pair this accessory with your wedding gown.

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A Choker Necklace Will Accentuate One Of Your Best Features

Women’s necks are pretty beautiful. Choker necklaces make them even more attractive. Like all other accessories, wearing anything that enhances your best features will leave you feeling good and confident.

This is just the boost you need for your wedding day. That and all the benefits that come with feeling confident. For starters, the more confident you feel, the less nervous you’ll be. Consequently, you’ll have an opportunity to enjoy your big day to the fullest.

Additionally, feeling your best means your guests will have a great time at your wedding. There’s no better mood booster than a cheerful host.

A Choker Necklace Will Save You Time

Weddings require a lot of decision-making. You’ll need to decide the kind of gown you want, the food you want to be served at your wedding, who to invite, and so on. All these decisions can leave you feeling indecisive and stressed.

On the other hand, settling on a choker necklace has its benefits when it comes to decision-making. For one, you’ll not regret settling on a choker necklace because of its timelessness. In addition, choosing to wear a choker necklace for your wedding day means you have one less decision to obsess over and more time to make the remaining ones.

Choker Necklaces Are Versatile

Even though this accessory is timeless, you don’t have to settle for just any choker necklace. On the contrary, you can customize it to your liking. If you want your choker to have pearls, silver, or diamonds, you can easily customize it. It takes minimal time, which means it won’t delay your plans.

You don’t have to worry about a choker necklace not matching your wedding dress. Its versatility allows you to modify it to ensure it matches your other wedding accessories.

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Choker Necklaces Are A Sign of Boldness

If the controversies surrounding chokers are anything to go by, wearing a choker necklace signifies boldness. It shows that people’s opinions do not sway you, and you have a mind of your own. Also, wearing choker necklaces means that you go after what you want when you want, a clear sign of boldness.

More importantly, getting married is an act of bravery. Why? Because weddings are new chapters and it takes courage to start a new adventure. Therefore, wearing a choker necklace symbolizes your boldness in taking this step.

Choker Necklaces Can Help Calm Your Anxiety

Since it’s your wedding day, it’s normal to feel anxious. You might feel overwhelmed when you see all those people you invited staring and start fidgeting.

A choker necklace works to keep your hands busy. You’ll find yourself playing with the necklace or touching it now and then, making you less nervous. This hack will come in handy when talking to unfamiliar guests at your wedding or making your bride’s speech.

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Final Remarks

Though choker necklaces date back hundreds of years ago, they’re still hip and trendy today. Besides their timelessness, there are numerous other reasons why chokers are perfect for your wedding day.

For one, you can’t afford to miss the spotlight on your wedding day, and this attention-grabbing accessory works like magic. In addition, this feminine accessory doubles as an anxiety remedy. It’s also a stylish accessory to wear when you want to accentuate your best features. More so, choker necklaces are versatile, time-saving, and a sign of your boldness.

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