Why You Should Avoid The ‘6-Month Weave’ TikTok Trend


But keeping a weave in for much longer than it should be is unfortunately common, due to a variety of reasons ranging from lack of proper instruction from the stylist, the business of life, and insecurity about one’s natural hair texture. Keeping weaves in for too long, unfortunately, can lead to bald spots and thinning. Frey says early warning signs are “pain, redness, and small bumps at the base of the hair follicles.” If you notice any of this happening, you can reverse course. Frey advises stopping weaves immediately and giving the hair a break when this happens, as well as considering trying over the counter treatment options such as topical minoxidil that can help regrow your hair. But before you do anything, Frey says you should see a board-certified dermatologist for an accurate diagnosis. “It’s important that you make sure you are not suffering from a more severe or progressive form of hair loss,” she stresses. Dr. Daisy Ayim, a cosmetic surgeon, acknowledges that stopping weaves altogether can be terrifying for some women, but she maintains it is a necessity if you’re noticing hair loss. “Your hair needs a break and screaming for help. The severity of hair loss and duration of hair trauma will determine if the course is reversible.” 


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